How Real Will Wearable Games Be [TechCrunch]

In this week’s TechCrunch article I’m considering the pros and cons of the smartwatch as a platform for games. Because of their pervasive nature, smartwatches hold a lot of potential (for some kinds of) innovative gameplay but they also faces many potential hurdles. Screen size, power, form factor and dependence on mobile all present their own constraints, and the worry is that there may be too many limits to make smartwatch worthwhile.

Is it the next big thing or just a fad?

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How Real Will Wearable Games Be?


Wearables, primarily smartwatches, are in many ways a compelling idea. Yet do the actual wearables we’re seeing offer anything like that? From a gaming standpoint are they really that big of a deal, or are they more a case of high-hopes and maybe-one-days? Read More …read more

The Numinous Veil Of Ignorance


In watching the latest drama unfold over Facebook and its experimentation with users, I’m moved to argue that sometimes you can be too honest. For game makers especially sometimes it’s better for users not to know, for you to hint and inspire but never reveal the inner secrets. To preserve the numinous magic, it’s often better not to show the man behind the curtain. Read More …read more

Pirate Radio And YouTubers [TechCrunch]

As the YouTuber phenomenon grows and grows (that is, channels like PewDiePie covering games with extended and often comedic Lets-Play videos) it raises some awkward questions. Developers ask whether YouTubers are effective in helping to promote their sales while journalists worry whether YouTubing constitutes the end of their craft. Some notable figures even consider YouTubing a form of piracy and demand tribute. At the same time for the millions of fans of these channels, they provide valuable insight and community, and a way to get around the packaged-product and deception that they perceive in how games are sold.

Some thoughts on all of the above, here.

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