Pirate Radio And YouTubers [TechCrunch]

By Tadhg

As the YouTuber phenomenon grows and grows (that is, channels like PewDiePie covering games with extended and often comedic Lets-Play videos) it raises some awkward questions. Developers ask whether YouTubers are effective in helping to promote their sales while journalists worry whether YouTubing constitutes the end of their craft. Some notable figures even consider YouTubing a form of piracy and demand tribute. At the same time for the millions of fans of these channels, they provide valuable insight and community, and a way to get around the packaged-product and deception that they perceive in how games are sold.

Some thoughts on all of the above, here.

Via:: http://www.whatgamesare.com/2014/06/pirate-radio-and-youtubers-techcrunch.html

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